Who is Gabriel Arrington Bluegabe's ex-girlfriend Kelly Young? Know more about YouTube star (2024)

Gabriel Arrington Bluegabe has attained tremendous Internet fame through his YouTube videos featuring fishing trips, hunting expeditions, and his daily life experiences. To date, he has amassed more than 529,000 subscribers to his channel!

Who is Gabriel Arrington Bluegabe's ex-girlfriend Kelly Young? Know more about YouTube star (1)

He owes his success to hard work. His story serves as an inspiring example of how anyone can achieve greatness through dedication, focus and making smart choices. He has also had a few relationships in the past.

PersonProfession/ContentYouTube SubscribersPersonal LifeEstimated Earnings (per month)
Gabriel Arrington BluegabeYouTuber, Content on Hunting/Fishing800,000+Married, conservation efforts, family-focused contentApproximately $10,000
Kelly Young (Former partner)YouTuber, Fishing, Fitness, HobbiesNo specific subscriber count mentionedActive on her channel after their separationN/A

Gabriel Arrington Bluegabe is a YouTuber

Gabriel Arrington Bluegabe is an influential YouTuber known for creating content related to hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. His videos have garnered over 800,000 subscribers and feature topics such as hunting wild hogs, lobsters and alligators as well as how-to series such as his hit “Monster Lake Okeechobee Bluegills Catch Clean Cook BlueGabe Style,” which has received over 6 million views!

He is well-known for his efforts in conservation and wildlife preservation. In one video he released by him, a leatherback sea turtle can be seen eating jellyfish off of Jupiter, Florida coast. These endangered turtles often mistake floating pieces of plastic as a jellyfish food source. This video serves as a powerful reminder to humans of how we impact the environment.

Bluegabe is married and has two children. As an avid family man, he takes great pleasure in spending time with his wife and kids. Her wife is very supportive of his work, often traveling alongside him on business trips. Together they form an outstanding partnership. Bluegabe’s channel boasts over 100,000 subscribers; many find him inspiring as an inspiring figure who gives back generously to their community whenever possible; his efforts have been recognized by various organizations.

There isn’t any clear information as to how Bluegabe and Kelly Young first met, but they frequently appear together in videos. From what is apparent they seem very happy together with both supporting one another’s career goals while enjoying traveling and cooking together.

There is no information regarding their children, but it is evident that they are an enjoyable family unit. With such an active social media presence and millions of fans following them on social media accounts like YouTube, their videos provide great entertainment to many viewers around the world.

At first, their relationship was tenuous but eventually settled into marriage. Their union serves as an inspiring example of how couples can come together despite differences and build successful careers together.

Bluegabe also enjoys an immense following on YouTube, where they regularly post films about canines, cooking, side interests and various aspects of their lifestyle. According to estimates, they estimated earning approximately $10,000 each month, or roughly $120,000 annually.

She is also an advocate for leatherback sea turtle conservation, passionate about wildlife, with over 300 followers on Instagram and YouTube. Additionally, she’s an excellent host and cook; her videos provide motivational lessons. Plus she’s very approachable! Her personality exudes warmth while remaining very down-to-earth!

He has two sons

Gabriel Arrington Bluegabe is a well-known travel YouTuber known for his captivating fishing and hunting expeditions. Furthermore, his wife supports his adventurous spirit and two boys share it. Furthermore, his videos have won him over millions of viewers around the globe with their captivating natures and engaging content.

His YouTube channel focuses on outdoor lifestyle activities he engages in with his son. Through YouTube and other online platforms, he has earned considerable amounts of money by selling videos on topics like dogs, cooking, side interests and bits from daily life that his audience seems to find entertaining.

Bluegabe and Kelly’s separation was confirmed when Bluegabe abruptly stopped giving recordings to his partner, signaling they had split. Kelly Youthful continued posting videos on her channel that focused on fishing, wellness and various hobbies despite this news.

While no information exists regarding Bluegabe’s wife, his videos often feature his son. Additionally, Kelly Young often joins him on his fishing trips; her positive and enthusiastic outlook has won over numerous followers.


Bluegabe has amassed an extensive following on YouTube through his practical lifestyle videos. These include videos about canines, cooking, side interests and other aspects of daily life – such as canine behavior and travel videos with Kelly Young as his partner. They even appeared together in some videos together such as one titled “Yellowtail Snapper Catch and Cook on a Deserted Beach in Paradise!” Unfortunately, their partnership soured in December 2022 when Bluegabe stopped uploading any new recordings featuring Kelly; an indication that their relationship had soured although the reasons remain veiled from view.

Bluegabe makes an estimated income from YouTube depending on various factors; you can view his estimated earnings at Booking Agent Info.

Who is Gabriel Arrington Bluegabe's ex-girlfriend Kelly Young? Know more about YouTube star (2024)
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