The Diwan of Hadhrat 'Ali  Radhi Allahu 'anhu (2024)

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Nahmaduhu wa Nusalli ‘alaa Rasulihil Kareem

Dua’ ‘Ali

Also known as the Diwan of Hadhrat Ali Karam Allahu wajhu

Translated by his eminence Imam El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani El Hashmi

Words from His Eminence Sultan Muhyuddin Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani Vice Chancellor International Qur’anic Open University

I dedicate this translation to my master, my teacher and my ancestral father Ali Asad Allah

كرّم الله وجهه, the victor of Khyber, the Sword of Allah, gate of the city of knowledge, ocean of wisdom, revealer of the secrets and exponent of the most intricate and complicated sciences regarding the creation of the universe, man and his relation to Allah. My blessed master Ali, according to my Sheikha Syeda Mariam Qadria, wife of my grandfather used to take me away physically from her presence assuring my return, yet it would leave her crying in despair when she would see both of us leaving to where he would teach me, prepare me for my mission, cleanse my heart of impurities and purify my nafs and base desires. He has never left me alone and is still my help and guide and also the guide of my followers whom he meets often. Last month, he met Shamaila, the queen of Islamic melodies who sings his Du’aa in a very beautiful way, which goes to the heart, and he told her he would teach her to recite his Du’aa. I advise everyone to recite this in Arabic and those who cannot should recite it in English. First offer two nawafils and send credit to The Holy Last Messenger (صلّى الله عليه و سلّم) and then offer another two nawafils sending credit to Syeda Fatima-tuz-Zahra, the rose of Jennah, Hazrat Imam Hasan and Hazrat Imam Husain (radiyallahu ‘anhum). Then recite this Du’aa once daily and not only will the reciter be blessed with meeting my master, but his needs will be fulfilled. Those who don’t know Arabic should listen to the recitation by Shamaila Khanam Ali Qadria


O’ The Answerer of our prayers
And the One Who has raised the sky high;
Eternal art Thou,
Who bestows in abundance without measure
to the poor and hungry.


O’ Knower of the unseen, Forgiver of the sins
Coverer of our faults
And dispeller of the miseries
of the silent sufferer


Exalted Are Thy Attributes,
Which brings forth the vegetation
And diverse things together.
O’ The One Who shall recreate
from the scattered dust and rotten bones.


O’ The One Who causes rain to fall from the clouds
upon the hard and soft lands
for the hungry and the starving people.

O’ The Creator of the houses in the heaven
which Thou raised without any fault
with the night which enters the day
covering the brightness of the stars.


O’ Creator of the morning
and opener of the doors of success
And The One Who causes the air to move
in the morning and evening
Creating rain laden clouds.


The One Who set the mountains like high pegs
in the strong firm earth,
raising them high
A masterpiece of Your ancient creation


O, The Provider of provisions
and Bestower of life to the lands
and dispeller of grief of all.


O’ The One Whose protection I seek!
And Whose help I need!
And Whose command is enforced everywhere
How can I separate myself from Thee.
Great is Thy mercy and benedictions.


O’ The One Who grants freedom to the prisoners
And sooths the hearts broken with grief.
And bestows wealth upon the poor
And nurtures the infant and heals the sick.


O’ The One for Whose sake I am honored.
The One Who saves me from debasem*nt,
humiliation, calamities and misfortunes.
Protect me from grief, from men and jinn because
they make one forget the Hereafter and harden the hearts
rendering it unmindful,
save me from the evil of the nafs and the cursed shaitan.


O’ the Provider of provisions to man and beast alike
and to the newborn chicks in their nests.
Be it food, fur or feather
Holy art Thou The All Knowing


O’ The One Who holds all by their forelocks
whether they believe or disbelieve Thee.
None can escape from Your grip
be he dead or alive
O’ The Eternal One!


O’ The One Who rewards well
merely upon believing in Thee.
You enforce Your commands whichever you
think appropriate,
Exalted you are, O’ The Wise


O’ The One Who encompasses us
and removes our miseries.
Great is Thy Kingdom
where justice is done for the good and bad


The one Who beholds our visions and hears our whispers
and The One Who divides our shares with clear judgment
and bestows it with justice to all.


O’ The One Who Hears,
high is Thy throne
The One Who Creates diversely from nothing
And whose neighbors are in peace
From oppression and aggressions.


O’ The Bestower Who Bestows well
and whatever granted is good.
O’ The One Who suffices and grants according to the need by virtue
of your Exaltedness.


O’ The Helper of the weak,
refuge of destitute, Holy Thou art
O’ The Generous and Merciful
You know us well, O’ The Benevolent


You are the Lord who (had given the judgment)
You have decreed the final judgment
about the souls of all Your creatures
And had imposed death from all sides
Thus fearing the death and destiny is in vain.


You behold me and I behold Thee not
There’s no Lord save Thee
Grant me Thy Guidance
and encompass me not with destruction
for the sake of Your Vigilant Eyes.


O’ The Source of Jalal (vigor)
The One with Honor
and Jamal (beauty). The One with the plan and the scheme
Exalted and Merciful Thou are.


Save me from the Jahannam and its vigors
and from its eternal life
and everlasting debasing fire
Save me, O’ my Lord,
save me from its hot boiling water. (ameen)


Make Holy Qur’an my companion
Grant me an abode in Jennah
and bless me with a companion beautiful.
Grant me peace in the Jennah of Na’eem.


Bless me with such favors that I may not hear any loose talk
and abide there without grief
and injury or any
complaint and grudge or disease and suffering.


Grant me an abode beautiful
where fatigue touches me not
and glad tidings and good wishes for all the residents of that
blessed abode which is raised high,
illuminated by the light of beauty
upon which light after light falls and Jalaal is bestowed
there while surrounded by comforting breeze.


And grant me there a nice comfortable spread
and a dress beautiful
And pure food and tasty fragranced drink,
such water which
goes down my throat with ease
and is from a bottle sealed.

The Diwan of Hadhrat 'Ali  Radhi Allahu 'anhu (2024)
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