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Bluegabe and Kelly Young have called it quits. Yes, you heard it correctly! However, for those who are unfamiliar with Bluegabe and Kelly Young and why they gained fame, don’t worry. We have all the details for you. In this article, we will introduce both Bluegabe and Kelly Young and provide an explanation for their recent breakup.

Gabriel Arrington, also known by his online alias Bluegabe, is a highly renowned American YouTuber. He initiated his YouTube channel on May 8, 2012, with a video titled “Monster Lake Okeechobee Bluegills {Catch Clean Cook} BlueGabe episode 1.” From the start of his journey as a content creator till now, his videos have garnered numerous views, thanks to the extraordinary adventures he captures.

Bluegabe’s channel primarily features his adventures in hunting and fishing, as well as snippets from his day-to-day routine. With his vibrant personality and stunning visuals of nature, Gabriel has garnered a massive following of millions of viewers. If you’re a travel enthusiast and have a passion for fishing, Bluegabe’s channel is the ultimate destination to virtually immerse yourself in these thrilling experiences.

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The YouTuber, who is now in their forties, has achieved considerable financial success through their chosen career. According to reports in 2023, Gabriel’s net worth stands at approximately $500,000, placing them among the top-earning YouTubers. As of April 2023, Bluegabe’s channel boasts an impressive following of 777,000 subscribers, with a total of 397 videos uploaded. Gabriel consistently adheres to a schedule of releasing three videos per week.

Among his renowned videos are “The Most Insane Iguana Catch Ever!!!!!! Catch Clean & Cook, Bluegabe Style,” “Capturing *WILD HOGS* with Dogs from a Massive Swamp Buggy (Catch & Cook Bluegabe Style),” “An Unforgettable Catch in a Gigantic Net!! (Catch Clean & Cook),” “Throwing a Cast Net to Capture Thousands of Fish in a Pothole Teeming with Enormous Gators,” and various others.

Meanwhile, Kelly Young, a 25-year-old American YouTuber, has gained a substantial following with her channel “Kelly Young,” which focuses on fishing, fitness, and travel. Since its inception in 2015, Kelly Young’s channel has attracted numerous subscribers and viewers. In addition to sharing her passion for fishing and exploring new destinations, Kelly also offers educational and daily life content through her videos.

Kelly Young, a highly paid YouTuber, boasts a net worth of approximately $300,000. Her magnetic personality, brimming with energy and cheerfulness, coupled with her thrilling escapades, whether solo or with companions, have captivated a substantial following. With her engaging content, she has garnered a vast fanbase numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

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As of 2023, Kelly Young’s YouTube channel boasts a subscriber count of 350,000 along with an impressive collection of over 280 videos showcasing thrilling and distinct adventures. Among Kelly Young’s most well-received videos are “A Captivating Journey with the Girls to Ichetucknee Springs,” “Unveiling the Wonders of Crystal Clear Waters through Shrimping and Snorkeling,” “Conquering the Largest Fish I’ve Ever Encountered! **Enormous Tuna** (Catch & Sashimi),” “Exposing the Intriguing Discoveries Inside an AP’s Stomach!” and numerous others.

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Bluegabe And Kelly Young Break Up: Everything You Need To Know

The details of Bluegabe and Kelly Young’s initial encounter and the development of their relationship remain scarce. However, they have frequently appeared in each other’s videos. Numerous videos depict Bluegabe engaging in travel and fishing activities with Kelly Young, accompanied by his two children, Luke (7 years old) and Jake (12 years old), as well as their beloved pet dog, Jack Russel. The collective presence of this group exudes a sense of joy and unity, resembling a harmonious family dynamic in the videos.

Bluegabe and Kelly have garnered praise from their fans for their exceptional collaboration, offering unwavering support and encouragement to one another in their exciting ventures and dreams. Despite their apparent happiness as a couple, Bluegabe’s marital status indicates he is married. Bluegabe has chosen to keep details regarding his wife a secret, leaving the public unaware of her identity. However, his online videos provide evident proof that he shares two sons with her.

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In December 2022, the breakup news of the couple emerged when Bluegabe ceased uploading content that included Kelly Young. Their final video as a couple, titled “Yellowtail Snapper Catch & Cook on a Deserted Beach in the Middle of Paradise!”, was released a year ago.

Several months following the release of the most recent video featuring Kelly, Bluegabe introduced Crystal as his girlfriend, essentially confirming his breakup with Kelly. Over the past seven months, Gabriel has been consistently uploading content showcasing Crystal and his children, who appear to thoroughly enjoy their fishing and hunting adventures together.

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Bluegabe has recently introduced Crystal as his girlfriend in various videos, such as “Tropical Island Island Catch Clean & Cook (Blue Runner vs Pompano),” “Fried Frog Toes (Catch & Cook Bull Frog),” “We Found the Best Hidden Fishing Spot Ever! (Gar, Bass, and Turkey Catch & Cook),” among others.

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Bluegabe and Kelly Young Breakup: What Happened to Their Adventure? - OtakuKart (2024)
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